Urubamba Province Peru

Masuda no Iwafune
Asuka, Japan

Easter Island Moai
Easter Island Chile

Mexico City Mexico

Downtown City of Cusco
Cusco, Cuzco Peru

Gobekli Tepe
Urfa Turkey

Wiltshire United Kingdom

Petra Rock City
Petra Jordan

Zelve Monastery
Zelve Turkey

Ben Amera Mound
Ben Amera Mauritania

Devils Tower
United States

Sigiriya Colored Rock
Sigiriya Sri Lanka

Zuma Rock
Abuja Nigeria

Uluru Ayers Rock Formation
Alice Springs Australia

Yonaguni Japan

Las Bolas Stone Spheres
Diquís Delta Costa Rica

Cleopatra's Needle NYC
New York City United States

Saint Peters Square
Vatican City Italy

Washington Monument
Washington United States

Obelisco de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Argentina

Obelisk of Axum
Axum Ethiopia

near Alexandria Egypt

Mecca Black Stone
Mecca Saudi Arabia

Olmec Heads
Tres Zapotes Mexico

Carnac Stones
Carnac France

Cueva de Menga
Antequera Spain

Bimeny Road / Wall
North Bimini Island Bahamas, The

Nan Madol
Pohnpei Micronesia


Arcadian Gate
Messini Greece

Gunung Padang
Karyamukti Indonesia

Kutimpu / Cutimbo
Pichacani Peru

Oracle of Delphi Temple
Delphi, Phocis Greece

Santorini Greece

Yaxhá near Tikal
Peten Guatemala

Tikal Pyramid site
Flores, Peten Guatemala


La venta
La venta Mexico

Callanish stones
Calanis Scotland

Rome Italy

Edinburgh castle rock
Edinburgh Scotland

Sonderholm Denmark

Bodrum Turkey

Dogon Country
Bengiagara, Sangha Mali

Tassili n'Ajjer
Tassili n'Ajjer Algeria

Shiraz Iran

Khajuraho Monuments
Khajuraho India

Sukhothai Thailand

Preah Vihear
Preah Vihear Cambodia

Kuk Swamp
Papua New Guinea

Amapa Amazon Stonehenge
Calçoene Brazil

Serra da Capivara National Park
Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara Brazil

Bosnian Sun Pyramids
Visoko Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tula de Allende
Teotlapan Mexico

Daorson Megalithic Wall
Daorson Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deir al Qalaa
Beit Mary Lebanon

Boukoleon Palace
Istanbul (constantinople) Turkey

Ruins of Sumaria
Sumaria Mountains Israel

Barabar Caves
Makhdumpur India

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Ancient Megalithic Monument & Stone Age Sites

Is there growing & undeniable evidence of an ancient and highly advanced civilization? One that existed at least 12,000 years ago?  Evidence of a civilization with detailed knowledge of advanced mathematical principles including celestial, orbital & geospatial calculations.  Evidence of ancient stone building knowledge which we have only recently began to understand ourselves through mechanization, flight & aerospace and the use of computers for modeling and calculations.

This websites collects and maps the growing body of evidence which demonstrates that humans have been masterfully working natural stone monuments and monolithic rocks into megaliths for many millenia.  It demonstrates a stratification of megalithic building sties worldwide which point to a global decrease in advanced building techniques for many millenia:  this includes precise geospatial alignment, annual celestial alignment, use of massive multi-ton monoliths, high-tech precision fitting of monolithic stones, mechanical stone carving, stone hole boring, pyramidal building techniques.  All of these key elements show a decline over multiple millennia.

In addition, the evidence provided gives support and weight to the connectivity of ancient prehistoric sites.  This suggests the possibility of an ancient equator shifted by exactly 30 degrees. It also consideres the ancient use of energetic ley lines.  Signs also point to a massive sea level change at least 300 feet globally.  A growing number of very complex underwater stonework sites are being found that date to before 10000 BC or at least 12000 years ago.

Lastly there is the potential for a geo math based Global Matrix Code advocated by Carl Munck. This code is based on mathematical calculations using geospatial coordinates with the great pyramid as the location of the prime meridian. 

Quite often these sites are also major religious and spiritual rock sites. Pyramids, stone temples, obelisks, stone carving, petroglyphs have been repeatedly built upon these ancient megalithic sites which can lead to confusion over the original use & age.  Do the templars, freemasons, secret societies and religious dogmas possess some of this ancient knowledge of ley lines, sacred geometry, and a stone power matrix that underlies the geo-strategic positioning of modern monoliths.  

For modern conspiracy enthusiasts there is also a collection of Templar and Freemason stone buildings and megaliths and a vast number of these sites are "maintained" by the UNESCO World Heritage Society.  Is there evidence of a religious conspiracy to hide the true nature of our ancient human history and ancestry such as the annunaki and ancient advanced civlizations?

Come on in to take a look and see for yourself...