Gosford Glyphs Egyptian rock carvings location image

Latitutde: -33.447400    Longitude: 151.297100

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Gosford Glyphs Egyptian rock carvings

The Gosford glyphs are a group of approximately 300 alleged Egyptian hieroglyphsin an area known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs. They are carved into two parallel sandstonewalls about 15 m (49 ft) long. They depict boats, chickens, dogs, owls, stick men, a dog's bone as well as two that appear to be the names of kings, one of them Khufu, the other uncertain. These names are given the same personal name and throne name. There is also a carving of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis.[3]These were first reported in 1975 by Alan Dash, a local surveyor who had been visiting the area for seven years. Dash continued to visit for five years and reported that the number of hieroglyphs had increased every time that he visited.[3]