Maeva Manunu – Huahini location image

Latitutde: -16.700482    Longitude: -150.987833

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Maeva Manunu – Huahini

Maeva – Leeward Islands, Huahine. Abandoned royal settlement, contains the largest concentration of megalithic structures in Polynesia except for Easter Island. In total here are known some 200 stone structures – marae, dwellings, agricultural structures, stone fish traps, fortification walls. Includes Marae Oavaura, Marae Vaiotaha and other structures.

 Huahine. Large, impressive and once important shrine, with enormous stone structures made of giant stones. Rear wall is located at the sea. Restored in 1967. The most important temple on the island after Mata’ire’a Rahi lost its importance.