Pyramids of Argos Argolis Hellinikon location image

Latitutde: 37.587300    Longitude: 22.671400

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Pyramids of Argos Argolis Hellinikon

Greek pyramids, also known as the Pyramids of Argolis, refers to several structures located in the plain of Argolid, Greece. The best known of these is known as the Pyramid of Hellinikon. In the time of the geographer Pausanias it was considered to be a tomb. Twentieth century researchers have suggested other possible uses.[1]

Writing in the 2nd century AD, Pausanias mentions two buildings resembling pyramids, one, twelve miles southwest of the still standing structure at Hellenikon (Ελληνικό in Greek),[2] a common tomb for soldiers who died in a legendary struggle for the throne of Argos and another which he was told was the tomb of Argives killed in a battle around 669/8 BC. Neither of these still survive and there is no evidence that they resembled Egyptian pyramids.