Dwarka Underwater City location image

Latitutde: 22.243300    Longitude: 68.968800

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Dwarka Underwater City

Archaeological investigations at Dwarka, both on shore and offshore in the Arabian Sea, have been performed by theArchaeological Survey of India. The first investigations carried out on land in 1963 revealed many artifacts.[11] Excavations done at two sites on the seaward side of Dwarka brought to light submerged settlements, a large stone-built jetty, and triangular stone anchors with three holes. The settlements are in the form of exterior and interior walls, and fort bastions. From the typologicalclassification of the anchors it is inferred that Dwarka had flourished as a port during the period of the Middle kingdoms of India.[7] Coastal erosion was probably the cause of the destruction of what was an ancient port.[12]

Dwarka is mentioned in the copper inscription dated 574 AD of Simhaditya, the Maitraka dynasty minister of Vallabhi. He was the son of Varahdas, the king of Dwarka. The nearby Bet Dwarka island is a religious pilgrimage site and an important archaeological site of the Late Harappan period, with one thermoluminescence date of 1570 BC.[13]

Dwarka is mentioned in the Mahabharata, the Harivansha, the Bhagavata Purana, the Skanda Purana, and the Vishnu Purana. It is said that this Dwarka was located near the site of the current city of Dwarka, but was eventually deserted and submerged into the sea. The legendary city of Dvaraka was the dwelling place of Lord Krishna.