Yaxhá near Tikal  location image

Latitutde: 17.115000    Longitude: -89.384000

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Yaxhá near Tikal

If anything in Guatemala could even come close to matching Tikal’s picturesque glory, it’s probably Yaxhá. With its three massive pyramids forming the central plaza, it’s about as photogenic as Tikal’s main courtyard, and is the most obvious example of “why don’t many people go here?” of any Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

It’s also quite easily accessible. It’s near Flores, which is the jumping off point for tours to Tikal, meaning you could easily visit both while staying in the same city; some tour companies offer combined tours, taking you to both in the same day, though keep in mind that with the heat, this could become quite tiring. Unless you’re in a time crunch, it might be best to visit Tikal as an all-day activity, and make your way to Yaxhá on a different day, or combine it with one of the other nearby sites.