Troldkirken location image

Latitutde: 57.004978    Longitude: 9.750539

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Troldkirken is a Stone Age long barrow, situated near the village of Sønderholm, Denmark.

The long barrow was constructed at some point during the Funnelbeaker culture 5-6.000 years ago and is marked out by forty-seven megaliths. Placed on the top of the barrow, is a polygonal chambered dolmen, with a large capstone. The whole monument is some 50 metres long.

The name Troldkirken means both Church of the Troll and Church of Sorcery in Danish. There are several tumuli and dolmens in the area.

The barrow is a protected site since 1809 and was one of the first pre-historic relics, to be protected by law in Denmark. Today The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland in Aalborg attends the barrow.