Global Matrix


Urubamba Province Peru

Easter Island Moai
Easter Island Chile

Mexico City Mexico

Downtown City of Cusco
Cusco, Cuzco Peru

Wiltshire United Kingdom

Petra Rock City
Petra Jordan

Bimeny Road / Wall
North Bimini Island Bahamas, The

Bodrum Turkey

Dogon Country
Bengiagara, Sangha Mali

Tassili n'Ajjer
Tassili n'Ajjer Algeria

Shiraz Iran

Khajuraho Monuments
Khajuraho India

Sukhothai Thailand

Preah Vihear
Preah Vihear Cambodia

Kuk Swamp
Papua New Guinea

Amapa Amazon Stonehenge
Calçoene Brazil

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The Global Matrix - The code by Carl Munck

The global matrix as aspoused by Carl Munck in the Code is a proposed ancient equator and geospatial monument mapping and advanced mathemetical art building system.  The great pyramid of giza is the proposed center for which all latitude and longitude coordinates must be adjusted.  Then the monument design & mathematical system proposed by Munck lines up with processional style astrologically significant numbers. These calculations include many of the most famous locations in the world such as stonehenge, the great pyramid of giza (the ancient greenwich style center), ollantaytambo, teotihucan, culculican.  Also many locations in the United states.

Ed Marck


Hugh Harveston

Great Pyramid contains Pi and Phi. 

line is area 

area is volume 

volume is time

Speed of Light

Circumference of earth