Multi Layer


Easter Island Moai
Easter Island Chile

Downtown City of Cusco
Cusco, Cuzco Peru

Oracle of Delphi Temple
Delphi, Phocis Greece

Yaxhá near Tikal
Peten Guatemala

Tikal Pyramid site
Flores, Peten Guatemala

Rome Italy

Edinburgh castle rock
Edinburgh Scotland

Bodrum Turkey

Shiraz Iran

Khajuraho Monuments
Khajuraho India

Sukhothai Thailand

Preah Vihear
Preah Vihear Cambodia

Kuk Swamp
Papua New Guinea

Bosnian Sun Pyramids
Visoko Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tula de Allende
Teotlapan Mexico

Daorson Megalithic Wall
Daorson Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deir al Qalaa
Beit Mary Lebanon

Boukoleon Palace
Istanbul (constantinople) Turkey

Ruins of Sumaria
Sumaria Mountains Israel

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There are many Pre-historic sites that have clearly been rebuilt upon numerous times and show a clear deterioration of skills over many millenia in both skills of rock size and rock fitting precision.  There are also numerous deeply buried or underwater monument sites that clearly show ancient megalithic construction up to 12,000 or more years old.