Ancient Equator


Urubamba Province Peru

Easter Island Moai
Easter Island Chile

Downtown City of Cusco
Cusco, Cuzco Peru

Petra Rock City
Petra Jordan

Dogon Country
Bengiagara, Sangha Mali

Tassili n'Ajjer
Tassili n'Ajjer Algeria

Shiraz Iran

Khajuraho Monuments
Khajuraho India

Sukhothai Thailand

Preah Vihear
Preah Vihear Cambodia

Kuk Swamp
Papua New Guinea

Amapa Amazon Stonehenge
Calçoene Brazil

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There is growing evidence and theories that demonstrate there was a shift in the ancient equator of nearly exactly 30 degrees likely occurring around 12,000 years ago at the same time of the ice age ending and climate shifts due to comet impacts.

Watch this great 2 hour video about the Great Pyramid as the center of the ancient equator and about 1:12:00 in it shows all the ancient equator locations